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Who is Together Mutual Insurance?

Together Mutual Insurance is a forward-thinking mutual insurance company which believes that quality products should be matched with exceptional service. Together customers are assured that, when they really need help, the Together team will stand shoulder to shoulder with them to put things right quickly with little fuss and certainly no unnecessary paperwork!

Our parent company is UIA, a specialist company which has been providing high quality home insurance for over 100 years. Being part of UIA, we’re a mutual company which means we’re able to put people before profits. We understand how important a home is, and the things in it, which is why we ensure all our staff are highly trained to help you deal with difficult and often stressful situations.

"The results of our recent survey about community spirit were somewhat deflating, with Britons giving their local neighbourhood a mediocre five out of ten. We knew it was time for change. On the back of our successful campaign, ‘Better Together’, we are delighted to announce the launch of Britain Has Spirit. We will be really excited to congratulate all the worthy winners."

Chris McElligott
Director, Together Mutual Insurance

Chris McElligott

Why did Together Mutual decide to launch ‘Britain Has Spirit’?

In 2014, Together Mutual launched a similar campaign known as ‘Better Together’ in partnership with the Manchester Evening News. Together is committed to helping build and support communities, and the competition aimed to support projects and initiatives that made a real difference to the local area of Manchester and the lives of its residents. Last year’s competition received over 8,000 votes, with a staggering 37% choosing to support the winning project, ‘Gorgeous Gorse Hill’. As the campaign received such great interest from local community groups around the Manchester region, we wanted to continue the initiative into 2016.

How is ‘Britain Has Spirit’ different to your last campaign, ‘Better Together’?

This time round we are going national! The Britain Has Spirit campaign 2016 will cover 12 regions across Britain and is supported by our celebrity ambassador, Gabby Logan. Not only will we have regional winners who can be proud to say they are the best in their area, we will also have two overall national winners announced at a gala awards evening, the perfect occasion to celebrate all the winners and their contributions to the communities in which they live.

Why is it important to support local volunteers across Britain?

The heroes of our communities are often overlooked but are out there making a continued difference to communities around Britain. As a mutual company, it is our philosophy to put people before profits and we believe in the importance of giving something back. We think it’s important to highlight some of the worthiest volunteers and celebrate the contributions they make on an ongoing basis. It’s also about recapturing the idea of community spirit, bringing out our best qualities as friends, neighbours and extended families.

What does community spirit mean to you?

Community spirit is not necessarily something you can see; it’s a feeling ‒ a feeling of belonging, generosity and involvement with your friends and neighbours. Community spirit is all about putting a smile onto the face of those we love – and knowing that people around us care and will help each other out rather than look away. We think having community spirit is vitally important and we want to celebrate those already embracing it … and encourage others to do the same!

Why did Together Mutual choose Gabby Logan to front the campaign?

With her sporting background and experience with the Olympics, charities and presenting, we think Gabby represents what the campaign is all about: ‘spirit’. Her warm and unassuming style, and being a consummate professional, made her an ideal ambassador for this campaign.

What do you hope to achieve with this campaign?

From the survey that we commissioned, we realised there is a real lack of community spirit in Britain at the moment. We see it spike with moments like the 2012 Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding, but feel it’s really important to reignite a more consistent belief in local communities and inspire them to get together to achieve more. By conducting these awards, we really hope to reach out to those individuals and groups across Britain and celebrate their achievements together.